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New direct link to the GFN program

Welcome to Caruso Science Park

The story of the establishment of Carso Science Park begins with a national need to maintain the position of the State of Israel as one of the most advanced and leading countries in the world in the fields of science and technology. The Rashi Foundation responded to this challenge in 1997, when it initiated the ‘Madarom’ program, as part of a strategic project initiated in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. In light of the success of the program and as an expression of its main goal, the idea was formulated to establish a home for the world of science and technology, under whose roof the inventions, discoveries, stories and scientific and technological developments of the State of Israel would be concentrated. This is how the idea was born to establish the Carso Science Park, which is a central pillar of the Rashi Foundation’s flagship project for the promotion of scientific and technological education in the southern region, and increasing access to quality higher education among the younger generation, as a lever for the development of society in Israel.

Caruso Science Park - The Vision

“To be a leading science museum, to excite and ignite the imagination of the youth in the field of science, to serve in the field of science and technology, the frameworks of formal and informal education and to coordinate and lead scientific educational activities in the Negev”

From vision to reality
The initiators of the establishment of the museum: the Rashi Foundation, the Municipality of Beer Sheva and the Ministry of Education, the Lottery and the Carso family join and in 2013 the vision becomes a reality. The opening of the museum, which covers 17 dunams of fascinating science and technology spaces, puts Israel in one place with the world’s leading centers and museums in the field

The impressive architectural character of the museum, located on the city’s Museum Avenue, blends harmoniously with the appearance of the old city and with the vision of the Beer Sheva municipality to renew and develop the old city with the aim of turning it into a cultural center for entertainment and social and touristic leisure. The design concept is based on a fusion between past and present with buildings in the style of the Turkish, Mandatory and contemporary periods. The paths and green spaces of the museum lead to several buildings connected by internal passages. Most of the construction is below ground level, in order to create the feeling of a town square and highlight the central landmark of the museum: a beautiful building from the Turkish period that has been restored and will serve as a central exhibition area. The museum covers an area of 17 dunams, of which about 5,000 square meters of exhibition space and 3,500 square meters of exhibition halls in built-up space, in which 11 exhibitions on various scientific topics are spread out, consisting of spectacular scientific displays

Experience Creates Being

The experiential learning through play and a variety of diverse activities of experiment-becoming-discovery, arouses interest, ignites the imagination, exciting, exciting, intriguing and challenging. Thus, it brings the fields of science and technology closer and accessible to the hearts of children and teenagers and increases the chance that they will choose to study and deepen in these fields. The experiential learning in the museum is based on interactivity between the visitors and the exhibits. As a result, the passive visitor becomes an active and inseparable part of what is happening around him. Each exhibit is planned and designed as a thought provoking “game”. To enhance the experience and as a complement to the activity in the showrooms, the students of the schools also participate in performing laboratory experiments and various research activities, which are a fascinating experience for them

Since then
From the day Caruso Science Park was established until today, the museum has been renewed with a variety of exhibits, facilities, ideas and exhibitions that bring you the front of science and technology from a variety of fields of thought and make science accessible for you in an experiential way that has never been seen before

Museum staff

ד”ר נצח פרביאש
מנהל המוזיאון ואוצר ראשי

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מנהלת שיווק ופרסום

אורי פרנק
רכז תוכן ומידען

שלום אודיז
מנהל טכני

זוהר דוד
מנהל אחזקה

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