New direct link to the GFN program

New direct link to the GFN program

Accessibility in the museum

Caruso Science Park operates and promotes the issue of accessibility

We see all our customers as customers with equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full access to all the museum’s facilities and services

We consider customers with disabilities to have equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full accessibility in the museum

This part of the website aims to inform our visitors and customers about the museum’s accessibility arrangements in order to allow every customer with or without a disability an equal, accessible and comfortable service as possible

: The accessibility arrangements in the park have collapsed to a science

The accessibility of the building itself and the roads leading to it
Caruso Science Park is located on the Gustav Levan Campus. The campus has only one main entrance and immediately after it another entrance through the reception building. The accessible entrance to Caruso Science Park (to the campus) is also the main entrance
.to a stable home. The access to it is from 79 Ha-Atsamat Street
Along the way there is a complete sequence of accessibility up to the reception building, the museum exhibits, halls, laboratories and more
There is an accessible road from a public transportation station close to us that is across the road, in front of the accessible entrance to the Carso Science Park

Accessible parking in and around the place
In the Carso Science Park parking lot, there are 2 parking spaces for normal cars and 1 parking space for tall cars, the distance to the accessible entrance is about 15 meters. In addition, across the road there is a parking lot of the municipality of Beer Sheva, in the square
There are 4 parking spaces for normal cars and 2 spaces for tall cars, the distance from this parking lot to the accessible entrance is about 25 meters

Employee training
The museum employees are prepared and briefed and will be happy to be at your disposal for any contact or request regarding accessibility issues

There are 2 elevators in the museum –
Elevator 1 – in the Science Games Garden, intended for visitors and through which you can reach the exhibitions located on the 1st floor, halls and exhibitions located on the 2nd floor, and the auditorium hall in the museum
-Elevator 2 – is in the Turkish building and allows access to the “Science Core” exhibition on the second floor of the Turkish building and access from the Turkish building to the exhibits on the 2nd floor and to the restrooms on the 1st floor
Service via phone and internet

call center
Our telephone router without background music when reading extensions and transferring information, our telephone number is 08-6252600. In addition, people with disabilities who are unable to speak on the phone are encouraged to contact us
Or via the “Contact” form on our website to the museum via the following email
Website – According to the data of the “Accessibility Israel” association, about 20 percent of the population in Israel are people with disabilities who need digital accessibility, in order to consume information and government services online. accessibility
, the site is therefore designed to be improved so that it is more accessible, friendly and convenient to use for populations with special needs, arising among other things from various motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, myopia, blindness or color blindness
AA hearing impairments as well as a population belonging to the elderly. The accessibility adjustments were made according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (TI 5568) for the accessibility of content on the Internet in Ramat
Frontal service – accessible service stations

The reception desk and the guard desk are accessible for people with disabilities. The security and reception staff will be happy to respond to any request before the need arises

At the guard’s position there is a hearing aid system of the inspiration loop type, in addition there are a board and writing tools for when needed

, there are 5 restrooms at the disposal of the public, and in each of them there are fully accessible restrooms for the disabled – a restroom in the mandatory building, a restroom in the entrance hall to the exhibitions on the 1st floor, a restroom on the 1st floor in the Turkish building
A bathroom on the 2nd floor in the Turkish building and a bathroom on the gallery floor in the Turkish building

Auxiliary means or auxiliary services
You can get a human escort when you arrive at the place, to get the match you should contact the guard at the entrance to the campus or the reception representative at the entrance to the museum. The guard and the reception representative will be happy to connect the person who needs escort with a coordinator
.Accessibility or its replacement
We will be happy to provide assistance in filling out forms if necessary, the help should be requested directly from the service provider on the spot
You can get help carrying things, please indicate this when ordering or when you arrive at the venue
In the museum’s reception building, you can get portable chairs for resting
Guide dog – entrance to the museum is allowed with guide dogs
The museum exhibits are attended by staff members who will be happy to assist with any request and guidance
Throughout the museum there is clear direction signage

information Requests for information in accessible formats can be forwarded to us by phone number 08-6252623 or by email to the email address

We at Kerso Science Park are preparing to make the museum fully and optimally accessible in order to allow all our visitors a good and accessible experience accompanied by sensitive and equal service and we are working to make the museum accessible in a process that will accompany us in the years
: the relatives in the following fields

Accessibility for the visually impaired and blind

Accessibility for the hearing impaired and deaf

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