New direct link to the GFN program

New direct link to the GFN program

Chip’s world

Microelectronics Exhibition.

Technology nowadays is constantly evolving. As time passes, electronic systems become more and more sophisticated, yet continue to shrink in size and become smaller and more sophisticated.
How do you manage to perfect the systems? How can so much information be contained on a chip the size of a fingernail?

We invite you to join our friend “Chip” and accompany him on his journey along the timeline – from the first computers, to the technologies of today, to the tiny and sophisticated chips that never stop breaking records of technological breakthroughs.

At the exhibition you will switch roles with the chip:

Numbers alternate with letters – the language of computers and digitization.
The memory challenge – come test yourself against the computer, who will win?
We walk by the numbers – we speak computer language with our feet.
The wonders of Israeli high-tech – to brag about and get to know the industrial environment in Israel and leading companies in the field.
Guessing the future – directions in which Chip can develop, presenting the vision.

The exhibition was established in collaboration with HP, Applied Materials, Intel, Marvel and more…

Our recommendation
Ages: 7-9 years, 10-14 years, 14 and over including adults
Visiting time: about an hour, two hours, three

The park has the ability to adapt each exhibition to different age groups – adult children and pensioners

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