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New direct link to the GFN program

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In recent years, space is developing into a feasible and evolving field. Manned flights to space, permanent colonies on the Moon and Mars, powerful telescopes, space stations and satellites are no longer science fiction but rather a reality manifesting before our eyes.


Entering its second decade of operation, Carasso Science Park aims to liftoff into space with various exhibitions dealing with space from different aspects, revealing a fascinating, exciting, and ground-breaking new world.


Welcome to the “a glance at the Universe – the James Webb Space Telescope” exhibition. Space exploration is one of the fastest evolving fields and we invite you to enjoy a fascinating review of the development of space observation, beginning some 400 years ago by acclaimed researchers until the magnificent international cooperation behind the construction of the advanced James Webb Space Telescope.


Have you ever wondered what is the difference between infrared and ultraviolet rays of light?  What really happens inside a cosmic fog, behind clouds of dust, around ancient planets?

How many galaxies are there in the universe? How are they named? And what are clusters of galaxies?


The time has come to fasten your seatbelts and liftoff into space – remember to pass through the Museum’s Lobby and pay your respect to the two Israeli astronauts, Ilan Ramon, z”l and Eytan Stibbe.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the opening of the next space exhibition “Touching the Moon – Starting from Genesis” hall in the second half of 2024.

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