New direct link to the GFN program

New direct link to the GFN program

Mechanics and Mechanisms

What is a mechanism? How do the devices we know work? And how does all this have to do with Leonardo da Vinci, who was even a painter?

The development of human society is related and depends on its technological ability. From the dawn of history, man learned to use the natural resources in his environment, built and invented devices and tools that would help him overcome his physical limitations. At the exhibition you will meet games from the fields of mechanics, different and special mechanisms, robotic arms, and many other inventions thanks to which we managed to make the world what it is today.

Among the exhibits in the exhibition:

A bit of a weird swing – you are in front of the weights.
My Robot – a dice game with the help of a mechanical robot.
Machines and the environment – environmental elements such as weight, friction, balance and more that affect the operation of machines.
Visit Newton – an experiential experience with groundbreaking discoveries and inventions.

Our recommendation

Ages: 4-6 years
Visiting time: about two, three hours

The park has the ability to adapt each exhibition to different age groups – adult children and pensioners

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