New direct link to the GFN program

New direct link to the GFN program

The cipher of life

Human DNA is the material that is the source and basis for every feature, internal or external, that exists in us as humans. A very small change in the same substance is the reason why we are all similar to each other, but also very different from each other.

Why do you look like your parents? How is a single and special person created from one single cell? And what is “genetic engineering”? – These are all questions to which you can find answers in the exhibition where the main exhibit is you and your body!

What’s in the exhibition?

Mr. Potato – come change the genetic code of Mr. Potato and see how his external features change according to the changes in the DNA.
Genetic Engineering Laboratory – Enter the laboratory and create new plants and medicines that will benefit humans all over the world.
Genetics Trivia – a puzzle game about heredity.
Genetic comparison – how similar are we in our traits to a fly, mouse or dog?
Presentations, games and other surprises…

Our recommendation
Ages: 10-14 years, 14 and over including adults
Visiting time: about three hours

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